Monday, April 28, 2008

Falling In Love?

Picture Credit : Falling In Love? 

One of my friend from ex-uni want to match me up with his uncle.

And one of my friend from KPLI which I have just meet at SBE (School Based Experience) want to match me up with his roommate.

If I'm not thinking straight, I might consider their offer. However, at the moment; I'm not planning to be in that 'situation' again. Not now.

I need sometimes for myself.
I'm still trying to forget my past.
Sometimes, I'm afraid to fall in love.
Afraid to love someone.
I'm afraid that I will be hurt again.

But the urge to settle down is killing me. Some of my friend have already had their own kids. And thinking of my age, I think the chances to get someone is pretty low.

But, that is not my concern. Right now, I just want to forget him.

Hilangkan rasa sayang padanya.
Hilangkan rasa sedih.

And start a fresh new life.

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