Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Need A HUG

Picture Credit : I Need A Hug

I need a hug
To soften the blows

Of hate and pain
Of crying and sadness

Little favor granted
It was all I asked
I asked a little too much

All I wanted
Was a hug

A hug is a gentle touch
A light, sweet caress
A tight squeeze.

A hug is touching lightly
A fond embrace
Or being held very close.

A hug is waves of love,
Feeding a starving soul.

A hug says, 'I understand.. You needn't say anymore...'
A hug warms the coldest, Bleakest night.

A hug isn't given just once
And then forgotten.

Once a hug is given
It is eternally etched in The mind and in the memory,

And may be relived again and again-
In private thoughts, In memory, In moments of sadness

Of loneliness
of deep despair!

A hug is a golden touch
A loving memory-

Saying, 'I love you!'
I Need A Hug.

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