Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What Should I Write About Today?

Picture Credit : The answer for the question : Write about everything. Your life. Your work. Your family. Your friends. Your feelings. Just write.

What should I write about today?
What should I write about today?
What should I write about today?

Tulis lah banyak kali pun '
What should I write about today? pun, macamlah idea tu akan membuak - buak keluar...hehe ;p

Well, actually I have a lot of books to mark but that can wait. 
Okay, let me tell you what have had happened a few days or a few months ago

Malasnyer nak start cerita kisah lama-lama ni. Penat!

A few months ago, I was stressful with my works and my personal life too. The truth is I cannot handle my classes, standard 3 and standard 4. Especially Standard 3. They are very naughty and playful.

They don't understand BM. So, most of the time I speak to them in English. But there are one or two students who cannot understand at all. So, it's hard to teach them. The only thing that I can do is to give them a lot of exercises. Banyaklah aku kena tanda!

Imagine this : One class is full with 50/51 students and each of the students have 5 books. And I have 5 classes!! You do the maths! Huhu~ That's why I am so busy.

There is one day, I was so tension that I cried in the classroom. Yes! I cried! In the classroom! Malu masa tu dengan students. It was started early in the morning; the first period. I was shocked with one of the student's remarks in his spelling book. He wrote a few of vulgar / bad words that it made me really upset.

Sedih betullah dengan bebudak ni. Kita punyalah ajar penuh keikhlasan nak bagi dia pandai. Dia boleh kata stupid teacher, kill you teacher. Adoi! Sigh~

Kids nowadays. I don't know what went wrong. Have I scold them before? Have I'm not teaching them well? Well, the answer is - they're simply don't respect you. That's all. Sigh~

So, what more can I say? Sabar jerlah...

So, now. I try to control my feelings. Sekarang ni memang aku bapak giler garang dengan dia orang but kadang - kadang tak makan gak budak-budak ni Sampai suara jadi serak tak baik-baik lagi sebab jerit setiap hari dalam kelas. Nampaknya aku kena belajar cakap bahasa cina lah nanti. Senang sikit nak communicate.

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