Wednesday, June 17, 2009

100% Love?

Picture Credit : Love someone truly, you'll die daily? Let's rewrite. Love someone truly, you'll be happy daily

I wrote about this topic because an anonymous commented about my previous entry. The entry was about love : Cinta. She/He said it is not a meaningful love when it is not a 100% love. Sorry, I beg to differ. Everything that had happened in my past love life, it was a meaningful one eventhough at the end it turned out to be a failure.

Eventhough I said that my love will not be 100% for someone, it does not mean that I will not love him. I will love him, whoever is my future husband is, I will do my best to make him happy.

But at the same time, I will put aside a little bit of uncertainty. A little doubt. So, if there is any bad or unfortunate things happen, the hurt will not be too deep. Bad or unfortunate things can be in any form, maybe in the form of break-up, divorce, death and etc. By seeing these, we will prepare ourselves for any disaster that will occur in the relationship and marriage.

I am saying this based on my experience. I am not trying to make a statement here or teaching others how to love. I write about love for my own perspective, based on my experience. But for sure, when I’m in love (by the way, I am right now), I will make sure that it will be a meaningful feeling eventhough it is not so-called 100% love. But who knows, maybe one day, I meet the one, maybe I will give him my whole life? My idea of love might change, one day.

By the way, how we define a meaningful love? And how we define 100% love? My break-up is the saddest experiences in my life. It changes me. 360 degrees. And the experience itself teach me about life. I never blame others even my ex, whatever happens, already happened and it already destined by God. I accept it. For everything that happened to us, there is a reason to it. As a human being, we might not understand it until the time comes.


imahgiro said...

hemm...emo sudah..nyway terpulang kan pada masing2..mcm komen i yg lepas. 100% loves pastu something bad happen then merana jiwa raga..less 5% or 8% just simpanan,mana tau kot2 jadik apa2 your 100% hanya utk yg Esa..yg lain tak yah lah..tapi kalau ada yang nak gives 100% gak tu, biarlahh..nak buat camna kan

sir_ikang said...

Nice say rabia!u r becoming brighter and brighter..gud 4 u..huhu

Rabia said...

Hehe..yer Imah..Saya ni memang emo sebulan sekali..paham2 jelah..huhu

Yezza, Mr Awie. takder brighter pun..sedang-sedang aja dong..huhu..semalam teremo sikit..

Anonymous said...

This anonymous is not judging of your degree of love towards someone and this anonymous is also not deciding what is meaningful and what is not.

This anonymous is merely stating that if u love someone, love that person with your whole heart as much as u can. Albeit there is a certain percentage u reserve just to make sure that u will not get hurt in the future, it has already shown that u love that person to ur fullest.

And sometimes, it is not disaster that will happen in the future, but happiness awaits u.

This anonymous is not condemning you, this anonymous is also sharing anonymous's life experience that is also excruciating painful and made anonymous a stronger person.

Maybe what u didnt know that we were actually in the same boat of being heartbroken and this is not an attack. This is sharing of opinion.

imahgiro said...

rabia i dah link kan u..sorry link without permission..

Rabia said...

Oh, takper Imah. Thanks ;)
Happy blogging!

Rabia said...

To my dear anonymous,

Thanks again for the comment and the opinion.

Sorry, if my words hurt you. It’s not my intention to do so. But, I don’t know you. And obviously you don’t know me too.

You should see me when I was giving and pouring my whole heart to this guy. I had done everything for him. I never, ever think that he will leave me. It never occurred in my mind. I trust him completely. I think he was the one, the only one forever. But, after I had done everything for him, it seems that it’s not even near enough to him.

You should see me when I was crying like hell. I was down. Extremely frustrated. I cannot sleep. I cannot eat. Because of that, I lose weight. I smile to others but inside I was crying. I wear my happy mask so that other people will not worry about me. I do a lot of crazy things just to make the pain go away. Sometimes, I just like to end my life with my own hand. (Astagfirullahalazim).

Until this time, (even it’s already past one year) the pain is still there. Yes, it still there. Luckily, I have my family, friends and ‘him’.

So, I don’t want to be in that situation anymore. I don’t want to be like a living dead just like before. I don’t want to be hurt. I’m not a stronger person like you, dear anonymous. So, I’m taking a step to protect myself. I don’t know whether what I’m doing here is correct or not. I really don’t know. I can only pray to god and do my best in my new relationship.

Again, thank you for your opinion and comment.

Are_Name said...


Alhusna said...

Rabia.Nak berkongsi dgn awk sesuatu...boleh bg link fb?or u can add me,l

Rabia Sensei said...

Alhusna, nak kongsi apa yer? boleh jer kongsi kat sini :)

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