Wednesday, June 10, 2009


 Picture Credit : Love <3

Ada segala macam jenis cinta.

Cinta kerana harta,
Cinta kerana paras rupa,
Cinta kerana terpaksa,
Cinta kerana kesian,
Cinta kerana sudah lama berkawan,
Cinta kerana 'maybe he is the last choice' yang ada,
Cintalah seseorang itu kerana Allah.

Mungkin dengan cara itu, cinta itu akan memberi kita kebahagiaan yang lebih berpanjangan dan bermakna.

Apa-apa pun janganlah cinta 100%, kelak kau jua akan jatuh tersungkur apabila ditinggalkan.


imahgiro said...

sajak ker?? niway bagus la ada nasihat yang berguna..dulu pensyarah saya pun ada g tau kalau nak sayang org jgn sayang 100% and kalau dah benci kat org pun jgn sampai 100% jugak. simpan sikit..katanya

Rabia said...

Thanks :)

Bukan sajak..Suka-suka tulis..hehe
Yup..jgn cinta 100%..

Bagusnya lecture awk belajar dari experience..bila cinta 100%, bila kena tinggal..memang merana..huhu

Anonymous said...

There is no meaning for love if it is not 100%. Just if u fall, take that as an experience that will teach you Life.

Rabia said...

Thanks for the comment, but I beg to differ. I’m used to think like that before but now my thought of love change.

But please don’t misunderstood me, when I’m saying that my love will not be 100% for a someone, it doesn’t mean that I will not love him. I will love him, (whoever is my future husband is), I will do my best to make him happy, cherish him, respect him and do whatever should a good wife cum a lover cum a best friend should have done before.

But at the same time, I will put aside a little bit of uncertainty that will maybe happen in the future. So, if there is any bad or unfortunate things happen, the hurt will not be too deep. Bad or unfortunate things can be in any form, maybe in the form of break-up, divorce, death and etc. By seeing these, we will prepare ourselves for any disaster that will occur in the relationship and marriage.

I’m saying this based on my experience. I’m not trying to make a statement here or teaching others how to love. I’m only writing about love for my own perspective, based on my experience.

But I’m not an idiot in love. When I’m in love (by the way, I am right now), I will make sure that it will be a meaningful one eventhough it is not so-called 100% love.

By the way, who are you to say it is not meaningful one? How you define a meaningful love? And how you define 100% love? My break-up is one of my experiences, and of course the experiences itself teach me about life. I never blame others even my ex, whatever happens, already happen and it already destined by God. I accept it. For everything that happened, it has reasons behind it which as a human being, we might not understand it until the time comes.

So, please, you can say anything about love. But don’t say it’s not a meaningful one. It is not YOU who decide it!

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