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10 Easy Tips & Techniques to Increase the Traffic to Your Blog

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Traffic is the key to any successful online business. The following is a list of 10 tips and techniques to increase your traffic to your blog greatly.

1. Post to your blog often.

You don’t want to post too often, but you want to post enough that keeps people coming back. The downside of posting too much is that people have to scroll down in order to see your posts, most won’t. They’ll only read your very top post.

2. Submit your blog to blog directories.

Submitting your blog to blog directories is crucial because, it gets your blog link out there for people to see and click on.

3. Use compelling and interesting headlines.

Thats the first thing people see before they read your articles is the headline. If its compelling people will probably stick around and read more than that of a boring headline.

4. Network!

This is very important if you want to drive traffic to your blog. Email other blogs, attend expos and events. Do a link exchange with them.

5. Leave comments on other blogs and link back to your site.

I’ve noticed that this technique has really helped drive traffic to the blog.

6. Set up your email signature with you blog link in it.
This is another really good tip. Send out tons of emails per day and each email has blog link in the signature.

7. Post on Craig’s List and Ebay with your blog link attached.

8. Post often to forums and link your blog with the signature file.

Signatures can help all around the board.

9. Sign up for free linking sites.

Free linking site such as Text-Link-Ads.

10. Most importantly create original and virgin content.

Nobody will stay at your site if they see that all you do is just copy things from other websites. There is a lot of this, and its unfortunate because then people never come back because they assume that you will always just copy content that they’ve already seen.

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Source : 10 Easy Tips & Techniques to Increase the Traffic to Your Blog

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