Friday, July 24, 2009

A Note For Myself

Picture Credit : A Blank Note 

During my free time, especially during weekend (macamlah bz sgtkan?), I always have a lot of things in my mind that I wish I can share with all here. But I always end up doing something else.

Most of the time, I will tell the stories to my dear 'Won-Won'. If you have seen the latest movie of Harry Potter - Half Blood Prince; you know who is 'Won-Won' is. A nick name that I give to my 'other-half' - Teddy Bear. 

He is the one who I always talk to, seek for advice or anything that I want to share with. (Thanks Won-Won ;p ). All right, maybe I list down everything here and when I have free time, I will write about them all. (Just a note for myself).
  1. Meet The Parent
  2. PPSMI
  3. Part Time Work
  4. Movie Reviews
  5. Books, Books, Books
  6. SPP Interview
  7. Get Married
p/s : Owh, I'm so lazy to update these lists. Hey, it's up to me, right? Okay, I've decided not to do it. Muaha!

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