Wednesday, August 12, 2009

7 Simple Rules for Singles

Picture Credit : Single Woman

(Women Only)

1. Keep yourself busy with work.

It's best if your job requires you to work late or even you have to come to work during weekends. If your current employment is not, then you better find one.

2. Find new activity(s) i.e. outdoor, sports etc.

If your work does not require you to work over the weekend and you do not want to be like No.1, find any activity to keep yourself busy. Choose any outdoor activities like wall-climbing, treasure hunt or even facilitating or if you like sports, then you have many choices!

3. Do not hang-out with married women.

Yup! Avoid hanging out with married women, even they are your friends. Especially, if they keep talking about their family and how grateful we are (being single) when we managed to do anything we like! (After all, a friend shouldn't do that, aite!). If you really have to, make sure you bring along another single friend.

Married women tend to be bragging about their happy marriage (though it may not be the reality). If you think you can cope with all the bragging stories or they are true friends (who would consider other people’s feelings), you can meet them anytime you want! Most women tend to forget their friends once they got married. Sad....

4. Maintain your single-friends circle.

You should always keep few cycles of single-friends, to give you options. If anyone of your friend got married (and eventually the particular cycle extincts), you know that you always have someone else to rely on. If one got married, make sure you have substitute(s).

5. Spend when you feel like spending.

My mom’s methodology – Buy now, regret later! If you want something (and you can afford it) just buy it! It does gives you self satisfaction. Believe me!!

6. Smile, when everyone around you pushing you to get married.

If everybody around you keep asking you to get married (and they just don't get bored asking the same question each time you met), just smile and do not response. Hopefully, they will keep quiet once they got bored.

7. If smile doesn’t work, just pick any line that could make them keep their mouth shut.

If you can’t bear the comments or questions, just pick any line (the harsher the words, the better! or you can use some provocative words) to keep their mouth shut.

Copy from: Syah


ong gedek gedek said...

i like....:)

jfook said...

I gonna follow these seven rules until I'm in a relationship LOL

Rabia Sensei said...

Haha..sure. Try it. It's working. Trust me :)

Rabia Sensei said...

Haha..sure. Try it. It's working. Trust me :)

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