Saturday, December 26, 2009 – as Easy as 1, 2, 3

My precious holiday; one more week to go…Huwaaaa.. (T_T) Instead of wasting it; why don’t we go for a vacation?

So, before I start booking any ticket. I need to decide where I want to go first.
Well, I have been thinking a few places in Malaysia and oversea. Besides that, I also need to think about the budget too. Sigh~ (Can anyone just give me a free ticket to anywhere? It will be so much easier…)

All right, the first thing that I need to do is to check on my mobile phone for any great prices. Owh, there a few places that I really want to go. And the tickets are at affordable price v(‘v’)v

Actually, I have a few places in mind. My first choice will be Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia. It is one of the beautiful places in Malaysia. It has beautiful beach such as Pantai Chenang. Apart from the white sandy beautiful beach, Pulau Langkawi has always known with its unique and gorgeous island. There is a myth said that anyone who want to get pregnant, they should swim at Pulau Dayang Bunting. For me, what attract me the most is its duty-free zone. Yay! Shopping!

My second choice is Phuket, Thailand. Since I like to eat Thai foods, I think; why don’t I try it from the best? Yummy.. Tomyam, tomyam, tomyam and a lot of tomyam (-_-‘)
The second-best part of Phuket is its Sea Canoe activities. So, let spice up our life with hot, spicy, delicious Thai foods and a little adventure!

Huhu..sigh~ which one should I choose?

Suddenly, I get a crazy idea. Why don’t I just have a sunset dinner cruise at Sydney and hug a koala at Melbourne? Isn’t that great?

Whatever, as long as I'm at other place. Then I start browsing the Internet on my phone and book a flight from

Wallawey, is so convenient! Its make my life easier to travel! 
Australia, here I come!


Hazwan Hakim said...

nice entry..hope u win!

visit page sy jgak.hehe

nuffnang clickers..

Rabia said...

Thanks for the comment..Gud luck to u too! ;)

Hazwan Hakim said... hal..

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