Monday, January 11, 2010

KPLI : Chickenpox

Last year, I was teaching Bahasa Malaysia for standard three students. Mostly, my standard three students are very active, playful and most of the times like to play and having me as their teacher for them is like a granted wish. But for me, it’s a nightmare experience. I almost lost my voice last year. Eventhough it’s look awful as its sound but strangely I miss having them as my pupils. There are certain times that I enjoy listening to their jokes and adore the way they shows their cared towards you.

There was one day while I was writing something on the whiteboard, came one student to me. This boy is a hyperactive student. He likes to walk around and talk with his friends in the class. Due to that, he sometime did not finish his work and he always been scolded by almost of his teachers including me. But he did not keep his vengeance to any of the teachers. Instead, he always tries to be helpful (sometimes ‘extra’ helpful) like helping carry teacher’s books, begs or etc.

So, as he was coming near me; he asked one question to me.

"Cikgu Rabia, you got chickenpox huh?"

It takes me awhile to answer his question.
With a smile (almost laugh), I answered his question.

"Yes dear. I have chickenpox last week. Don’t worry, I’m okay already. This is only scar." I answered his question while my hand touching my face.

It was actually my pimples that we are talking about. It's not really a chickenpox. But since I don't want to start telling him about what is pimple and hormones etc. So, I kinda giving him an answer that may please him. And plus, I wanted him to do his work.

It was my way of escapism.

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