Monday, February 15, 2010

Nothing to Write? Think Again

Every night, I will spend my time to read others blogs and at the same time thinking about what to write. I envy with some bloggers who constantly have time and ideas to write. Two areas that I have the least; Time and Ideas.

As I was googling from one page to another page, I found a few interesting articles that worth of sharing. The first article is talking about problem that usually face by most of new blogger including me. A lack of ideas on what to write. In the article 'Think You have Nothing to Say, Think Again', the writer share how to handle that dilemma which start with three little steps.
  1. Look at what is happening around you. 
  2. Look at what you love.
  3. Look at what you spend time and money working on.
The second article is talking about on How to Deliver the Highest Impact with Each Post. The writer shares a list formulas on how to write better on each post. 

With these two articles shared with you, I hope now; you (including me too) have ideas on what to write and on how to write it in a better way. 

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