Sunday, May 23, 2010

To Bride and Groom


Today's your special day-
the start of both your lives, together.
May it be special in every way
sparked by the love you've treasured
and may all the love you're feeling
still find a way to grow,
sharing joys which have a meaning
that only both of you could know.

May God bless your health

as you care for each other's needs,
may you both share in the wealth
of raising a family,
may your new dreams never end-
we hope they all come true,
and may you always be two friends
who have your love, each day, be new.

Again, today is your day,

with the bond between you strong.
God has shown both of you the way
and placed his love where it belongs
and as you hold on to each other
always keeping your love dear,
and each one of us who's here.

Today two friends start a journey

walking hand in hand, as one
they'll share everything, always
now that their journey has begun
and as they go on together,
blessed by me and you,
may these two friends always treasure
the day they said, "I do"

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