Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What will I get For Teacher's Day?

What will I get for Teacher's Day? Last year, I get ruler. Not one, but two rulers! (Perlilah tu). You know why? Because most of the teachers have their own cane. (Syuuuhh, don't tell anyone. We are not allowed to bring cane to class). But I don't have one. So, the pupils buy two rulers for me. Erkk~

But still, I didn't bring it. Hahaha!

I've got a lot of red pens. Yes! red pen is a must! Every teacher must have at least 5 red pens. 

The best gifts was a compact powder (Perli aku lagilah tu. I never wear makeup to school), brooch (matching with my only purple Baju Kurung Batik . FYI, I just have two Baju Kurung Batik. One was Baju IPTI and the Purple Baju Kurung that I bought from Kak Izan.) and earrings (Sayang kamu! Pandai betul pilih hadiah. Haha).

Priceless: When they said, "Thank you Teacher Rabia"

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