Monday, June 7, 2010

Best Bits of Project Alpha Season 2

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Oh, so sad. Now that season 2 for Project Alpha is over. We don’t really have any entertainment to watch for.

Haha! What am I kidding for? Well, let me put down here. It’s actually a sad – happy felling moment. It is sad because we cannot longer watch the funny video from the featured blogger. In other way around, I say it happy because, we will see new featuring blogger for the next season. Which the feature blogger might be you! To those who already submit your videos, best of luck!

Okay, let us recap what happened in Season 2. I am pretty sure, you learn a lot from our featuring blogger. I, for instance did learn a lot from Ninie Ahmad from her yoga positions. (In million years, I cannot think that I can do that Yoga steps. But I want her figure!).

I am sure everyone is well entertained watching the episode featuring our well known ‘laser’ artist Azwan Ali. His event ‘Majlis Penuh Rahsia’ look very grand! (Well, I’m not invited though)

But for me, the most favourite moments from this season 2 will be the Bonus Episode where it shows Adidas Pure Game KO Challenge between Season 1 bloggers and Season 2 bloggers. 

It’s went wild and crazy indeed. (Read it as fun). Everyone is really enjoying themselves. Showing their ‘talented’ skills in scoring goals. Who says that girls cannot play ball? See the legs lah. Ole!     Well, if you don’t believe me. You can see all the videos that I have embedded it here.  
So, how's guys? Am I right? It's look so fun!    
Okay, before I'm letting you watching the last episode of Project Alpha Season 2. I like to say something. So, bear it in mind, all right.  Pss..Pss.. Read it carefully.    
Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

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