Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Picture credit: Emocutez

Hari ni nak share satu lagi website untuk sesaper yang suka emoticon yang cute  mute.  Website ni ialah
Contohnya macam ini 
dan ini     
ini lagi  

dan banyak jenis lagi!

Information about this site.

Emocutez, source of free emoticon, stock of cute emoticon, funny and animated emoticon gallery. Use this emoticon/smiley for email, MSN, QQ, Friendster, Myspace, Hi5 comments, and blog post. 

It so easy to use. Click emoticon title to view full emoticon list. To get code, click on emoticon image. Pop up window will appear. Right click copy direct link to use it as your layout background. Right click copy BBCode to use it on forum. Right click copy HTML Code to use it on your blog post, friendster, hi5, myspace comments.

So, apa lagi! Jangan lupa singgah. Boleh jugak guna emoticon yang cute mute ni. 
I like!

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