Sunday, January 16, 2011

Anda Berani? Buktikan!

Anda ada skill merempit? Do you like to race? Do you want to be part of racing academy? Jika ya, Akademi Perlumbaan adalah tempat anda!

How To Enrol In The Racing Academy
  1. Be a Champion in the Sprint Race at the PENNZOIL RIDE IT RIGHT Carnival
  2. Apply for enrollment into the Academy (for non-Winners)
  • Interested Riders are requested to apply early as number of participants for each session is limited to only 30.  For those keen on becoming a professional Racer, please apply here and you will be contacted in due course. Application is open only to those who own a motorcycle (with valid road tax) and a valid motorcycle license
Anda berani? Anda apply. Mungkin anda Juara! Race di sini

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