Monday, February 28, 2011

Bila Tiada Lagi Rasa Percaya

Picture Credit : It takes years to build trust, and a few seconds to destroy it

Let's talk about trust.
What will happen when there is no longer trust in friendship, relationship and humanity? What will happen if you no longer trust anyone?

Lately, I met a few incident that happened around me. All about trust.

The first and second happened at the school. It's about my students. But I rather not share the stories since I considered it as a minor case. Plus, they are still young children so I forgive them. And I notice that they have learned their lesson.

The third incident happened recently. A few weeks ago, I noticed that my laptop has been used without my permission. Not only my laptop; my Facebook account has been access by the same person. Obviously, the person who using it didn't know that we can track back by looking at the history tab. I was very upset, angry and frustrated because I really trust this person. I didn't confront her about this incident. What I did was that, I make sure that I never left my laptop without shutting down or closing it first.

Surprisingly, it didn't end there. Another incident happened again with the same person. Now, it's about using my broadband without permission. I never thought that she could do that. For me, it's just like stealing things from other person. I was very upset. How could she steal it from me, her friend? At the end, I didn't confront her since I don't have any solid proof. After that, I don't trust her anymore. I just keep my important things safely lock up in a place.

I'm not sure whether she can figure it out everything or not. But I'm pretty sure she knows eventually. Always remember that Allah see whatever that you do, whatever that come across your heart, your thought and everything. And for every bad things that we do, we will get punishment. Maybe now, maybe later or maybe in the Hereafter.

I'm telling here not because I want to preach or something. Is just because I have learned it through my experience. So, as a friend, I just want to remind others and be reminded in some ways. Kita sering lalai kan? Jadi kita kenalah saling ingat - mengingatkan.

I once betrayed my friend unintentionally. Eventhough it was long time ago - back to my secondary school. I can still remember it. It's so difficult to gain back people trust. Once people don't trust you, they will no longer look at you at the same way. Worst, if they pass the stories about you among their friends. They will make you look like a horrible person. I am still sad when I think about that particular incident. Kecik hati sangat. But what to do? It was still my fault. But please don't label me as a bad person just because of one, small, unintentionally bad thing that I have done.

Well, I don't want to do like that to the other person. It's mean and cruel. People can change so, I prefer to give her a second chance. May Allah forgive you and I and guide us to the right path.

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