Friday, February 11, 2011

To The Hot Anonymous. Thanks!

Wallawey! Hot comment from an anonymous!

I wrote about Semua MLM Penipu! and I got this comment. I thought everyone clear that I'm not against anything. I only share Aididmuaddib blog. And this is what I get. Anyway, thanks!

You said, I quote:

"Salam...MLM tak tipu..manusia itu sndiri yang tipu kalo niat tak betol..tag u sndiri positive thinking bla bla bla...cpt betul u terpengaruh..MLM yang menipu ialah MLM yang tidak mendapat kelulusan dr pihak yang bertanggungjwb...
Tgk je statement u ni...negative thinking la maknanya..
Apa sahaja yang kta post- kita bertanggungjwb atasnya..and ramai akan baca..
P/s:kalau org yang join MLm tu menipu, baru la i caya. And company MLM yang tak dpt kelulusan mmg sah tipu la...Positive positive positive..."

Thanks for the comment anyway. I guess you must be someone who is joining one of the MLM company. You must be hot now that's why I call you  Hot Anonymous =)

I hope that you already read my entry earlier and you should know that I never asked everyone not to join MLM. I just want everyone to have an open mind and read the blog which is very informative in his own way. But again, it depends on everyone. I didn't say that I believe or not believe whatever the guy said. Again, it depends on you. You decide it! If you believe so much about your MLM, your products, your marketing plans etc. Just go along with it! Because you believe on it!

And I already highlight this specific sentence: Don't shoot the messenger! Don't blame me. I'm only shared with everyone what I read. Is not even a crime sharing an info.

Wallaywey, this is not professional way to handle the issue. You know why? Because first, you are not giving your real name. Oh, you know what. I can find you from your IP address! Don't worry I'm not going to do anything. Attacking people is not nice, right?

Second, don't attack me and my header. I am trying to be positive here, eventhough it's difficult when people don't really understand what my real intention is. Please be open minded and positive person, Hot

Janganlah cepat melatah, okay? Kalau awak betul, awak tak perlulah takut, all right? Just do the best whatever that you do now. As long as you believe it and you know that you are doing the right thing. I believe you have done your research before you started to join anything. So, all the best! (Saya baikkan? Still wish good luck pada orang yang kutuk kita. Sampai hati kau tak nampak niat baik aku,
Hot Anonymous)

Now, I rest my case.

p/s : Manusia, manusia. Aduyai~

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