Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Ring Around The Finger

Picture Credit : You make me smile just like this

A teacher was writing some notes on the whiteboard.
"Teacher, you wear a ring?" asked a student.

The teacher was smiling. 
"Yes, I am wearing a ring. Why do you ask?"

The student was confused.
"Are you married? I remembered that you said, you were still single" asked the student again.

The teacher was smiling at her student.
"No dear. This is only my engagement ring." explained the teacher.

The student was excited. Now, the other students were looking at the teacher. 
"Oh. So, when are you getting married?" asked the other student excitedly.

The teacher was smiling broadly showing off her two
trademark pointed cuspid.
"Soon my dear. I will tell you when the day come."

One of the student running to the teacher. He was very excited.
"Please invite us, teacher. We never been to a Malay wedding before" said the student.

The teacher was looking at all her students.
"Yes, I will invite all of my students. Okay dear, let's continue our lesson."

Later that day, after the school. One of the student met the teacher at the stairs.
"Teacher, are you happy?"

The teacher was quite confused.
"I am happy every day. Why do you ask?"

The student was smiling shyly.
"No, what I mean is. Are you happy since you are getting married?"

The teacher was grinning.
"Oh yes. I am so happy" 


cindir-rela said...

are you getting engage?

wuuuu..i want to see the ring!!!

Rabia Sensei said...

hehe..bukan..cincin tanda jer..tak buat majlis tunang. cuma nanti waktu nak akad nikah, mak dia akan sarungkan cincin tunang, tunang sekejap jelah...hehe ;p

cindir-rela said...

wah..best2!!! congrate! :) dont forget to upload the pic ya!:)

anaztasias nora aira said...

comelnya kucing tu !!!

eh bakal b2b ek =) salam kenal


Azam said...

Wah... tahniah!

anizsDANbintang... said...

tahniah awak! happy for u. ^_^

mat13 said...


cindir-rela said...

lamenyeee tak update blog!!!

dah kawen ke?

MsMissyOwens said...

Cikgu rabia,i'm owens
R yours wedding party is finish?
if haven't start u can invite me?

Rabia Sensei said...

Sorry for the late reply. Been busy ngeh ngeh =D

Cinderella : gambar dah upload di FB
Nora aira: thanks! selamat berkenalan
Azam : TQ :)
Anisz : TQ :)
Mat13 : TQ :)
Owens : Hehe. By now you should have the answers ;p

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