Saturday, June 16, 2012

Y U No Signup?

MY 9GAG is the unofficial website of 9gag. MY 9GAG in no way related to the official 9gag website. This website aims to be the best place for bored Malaysians to share funny pictures and videos as a united nation among all races.

Ini dari MY 9GAG - Taukeh Sudah Gila?


Yang ini pula the official 9GAG website.


Ini pula dari 9GAG - Super Saiyan is Real

Based on  Wikipedia, 9GAG is a startup image-based social media website launched in 2008, which centres around user-uploaded, usually comical, images dubbed "gags". Similarly to websites like reddit and Digg, users can vote and comment on images, with the newest and most popular appearing first.

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