Monday, December 31, 2012

Google Zeitgeist Hot Searched in 2012 According To Countries

Ini saya copy dari 
Google Zeitgeist.
2012 was a year of big moments, from global games to historical elections and everything in between. With this site, Zeitgeist analyzed over one trillion queries to showcase what the world searched for.
Zeitgeist studied an aggregation of over one trillion searches (or queries) that people typed into Google Search this year. Zeitgeist used data from multiple sources, including Google Trends and internal data tools. Zeitgeist filtered out spam and repeat queries to build lists that best reflect the spirit of 2012.

Itulah serba sedikit penjelasan dari Google Zeitgeist mengenai tahun 2012. Jadi, mari kita lihat senarai - senarai carian mengikut negara. Kalau ada masa bolehlah tengok.

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