Tuesday, January 8, 2013

List Of Free Cloud Storage

Picture Credit : Cloud Computing

If you don't know what is cloud computing, you can read it here: Cloud Computing? In case you are interested to have one (or more than one), you can check them out here. These are the list of free cloud storage. Yeah, it's FREE! So check it out!

List Of Free Cloud Storage 

  • Name: Box
    Free cloud storage: 5GB
  • Name: Dropbox
    Free cloud storage: 2GB
  • Name: MiMedia
    Free cloud storage: 7GB
  • Name: Symform
    Free cloud storage: Up to 10GB
  • Name : Adrive
    Free cloud storage : 50GB
  • Name : Yunio
    Free cloud storage : 10GB 
  • Name : Wuala
    Free cloud storage : 5GB 
  • Name : Boxjia
    Free cloud storage : 4GB 
  • Name : CX
    Free cloud storage : 10GB 
  • Name : 4sync
    Free cloud storage : 15GB 
Sources : Networkworld.com

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