Wednesday, May 15, 2013

BBM On Android and iOS

 Credit : TechCrunch

Sempena majlis BlackBerry Live semalam, diumumkan bahawa BBM akan dijadikan 'Standalone' app dan boleh didapati di platform Android and iOS secara percuma. Ia dikhabarkan akan dilancarkan di musim bunga ini. Ini bermakna BBM akan melangkau dari tradisinya, yang hanya fokus kepada pengguna Blackberry dan pergi kepada pengguna yang lebih luas.
“It is a state of confidence,” Heins explained. “The BB10 platform is so strong and the response has been so good that the time is right for BBM to become an independent mobile messaging platform.”
The app will be free on both Android and iOS. Much like other messaging apps, it will be a standalone application. iOS 6 or Ice Cream Sandwich will be required.
Initially, only messaging and group features will be available. But Heins promised that the rest of BBM will eventually make its way to the Android and iOS versions including screen sharing, BBM voice and the just-announced BBM channels.
We are making the BBM platform more powerful than ever”, Heins proudly stated. And with this very uncharacteristic move from BlackBerry, it’s hard to argue against his statement.
Mungkin dengan langkah ini, Blackberry dapat mengekalkan popularitinya dan dapat meningkatkan kembali pengguna yang lari dari Blackberry. 

Sumber : TechCrunch

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