Thursday, November 27, 2014


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I want to share with you a funny video that I watched it on the Facebook just now. I was lucky to found it on the Youtube (It was much easier to copy from Youtube than FB). The topic was about Malaysian English Local English Or Standard English by Mariana Pascal. She gave a few common examples of Manglish which were very funny. Surprisingly, she spoke Manglish fluently! hehehe.

Picture Credit :   Gostan

She also mentioned of how colourful our English was in Malaysia and how it sometimes confused the tourists who came to Malaysia. I can totally relate myself to the video. I do speak broken English or Manglish once a while (Actually, all the time). As what the speaker said, "Both also can lah" hehehe, I like!

Please watch this together - gather, okay :p


Hani Suryani said...

Haha..Manglish is beautiful oo..

Salam perkenalan sis. Jemput singgah dan follow

Done follow ;-)

yoorin melacolea said...

yups.. nada die cerita tu yg buat funny and interesting.. the same time mcm mengejek pon ada.. btw..malaysian katanyeee..

Rabia Sensei said...

Hani Suryani,

Totally agreed! :P

Salam perkenalan :)

Rabia Sensei said...


Memang kelakarkan?

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