Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Adam and Robocar Poli

Picture Credit : Robocar Poli

My son, Adam Syahmi, really loves cars and buses. Whenever he comes home from his nursery, the first thing he grabs is the TV remote control. Then he will go to one of us and shouted "Car!" Car!" Car!" while dancing and jumping up and down at the same time, asking us to turn on the television to his favourite channel, ASTRO 611, where his favourite cartoon Robocar Poli is shown. 

I tried many times to take a video of his 'crazy dancing' but I never succeed. He always comes and looks at my phone whenever I tried to take his videos or photos. But, I'm not so disappointed because I know that I will have lots of lucky chances later. Because whenever he sees a car driving in the car park or a bus on the road, he will be so excited. He will shout "Car!" or "Bus!" and start to jump up and down excitedly. Or whenever he watches his favourite cartoon, he will start to do his crazy dance. That was so epic moments!

Now, ASTRO 611 is one of 'our' (Adam the most) favourite channel. Robocar Poli is a 'must watch' cartoon in our home or nenek's house or mak tok's house. 

p/s : Sayang anak mama.

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