Sunday, November 29, 2015

DIY Bubble Talk Prop

Picture Credit : DIY Bubble Talk

If you are looking for cheaper ways to do your own bubble talks for your parties or events, you are actually at the right place because I am going to show you how to make one. I am not an expert in making a bubble talk but I think you can actually make one because it's pretty easy. You can also find it on the Internet.

Adobe Photoshop

These bubble talk I made for my colleague's retirement party/event. I made all these using Adobe Photoshop. I got some of the ideas from the Internet. Some of it I do it from scratch and some of it I trace or edit from the original pictures. Since all these will be printed out, I use a bigger width and size. For instance, one of the picture is 2480 x 1754. It will turn out nice when we print it out. Before I print them out, I have transferred all these picture into Microsoft Word. After printing and laminating, cut the paper according to the shape. Then glue the stick with super glue or tape. If you like these bubble talk, feel free to print this out for yourself ya!

Colour Printing : 50 cent per paper
Laminate : RM 2 per paper
Chopstick / 'Lidi Sate' : RM 2 - RM 5 per packet


Microsoft Word

You can also use Microsoft Word to do your bubble talk but you have to rely on the Internet for cliparts. But don't worry, I will show you the steps.

1. Search clip arts that you like on the Internet. Google 'speech bubble clipart'. Choose a bigger width and size. You can also visit this website for free cliparts

2. Insert the clip art that you have chosen into Microsoft Word.
3. Insert 'Text Box' or 'Word Art'

If you choose 'Text Box', make sure that remove the shape outline. In order to do that, you must ; 
  1. Click on the text box. 
  2. Go to 'Shape Outline'
  3. Choose 'No Outline'. 
  4. Change Font
  5. Resize the font

If you choose 'Word Art', the steps are much easier. You just need to ; 
  1. Choose Word Art
  2. Choose Type of Font / Style that you like
  3. Resize the font

Now you already have your very first bubble talk! 

If you want to do a different shape, make sure that you search on Google for specific cliparts for example 'spectacles clipart', 'speech heart clipart', 'arrow clipart' etc. You can also print out from other websites.  Bubble Talk Prop is one of websites that offers free bubble talk for wedding. Check it out ya!

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