Monday, July 18, 2016

Nobody, Nobody Gets A

Picture Credit : Don't give up everyone!

Last week I graded all my students UPSR trial papers and no one got A's. I felt sorry for them because the second paper was a little bit difficult compared to the first one. Another reason is, I was also strict when I marked on the second trial paper. Everyone was looking very upset when they received their papers. 

So, as usual we will discuss the answers and along the way, I will highlight a few things that I discovered when I marked their papers. I hope by doing that, they will learn from their mistakes. I even wrote a few comments on their paper.

After we discussed about the exam paper, I don't remember what I said or asked, when suddenly one of the boy who sat in the front row started to sing softly to the tune of Nobody by Wonder Girls.
Not everyone could hear him. Only me and a few students sitting nearby. 

Nobody, nobody gets A,
Nobody, nobody gets A.

A few pupils laughed! 
I looked at him and he was smiling sheepishly. 

Sabau jer la. Stress makcik!

p/s : In case you never heard of that song, watch this Youtube ya!


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