Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Place That I Left Behind

So, where should I begin? Should I start by telling you that I will be going to a new school next year? 

Yes! I'm going to teach in a new school next year. It will be a big change I think, since it is a Sekolah Kebangsaan. Mind you that I have been teaching in Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina for eight years. So, everything will be different. The syllabus. The environment. The work. Etc.

I was happy and sad when I received the result from my husband. I asked him to check cause I was attending a one-week-course so I was unable to check my result online. It was actually a lame excuse I was telling everyone, just because I was too scared to check myself. I have been trying for a few years and desperately wanted it when I moved to Bangi last two years. But surprisingly when I got the good news, I am not that excited all about it. Yes, I am happy but not that HAPPY. I am happy that finally I can work closer to my home. I don't like travelling. It's not that far actually. It's just that I am not really good at driving. 

I am sad because I have to leave my friends. There are so many memories we have shared together even though I know that I'm not really close with everyone but only a few. But still, I will miss them. 

I miss my students. The good and the naughty ones. But the funny thing is I keep thinking about my naughty students. Wondering how they are going to do next year? Next year will be a big and important year for them. Will they finally change their attitudes, once they know there will be no other teachers who will be so kind like me? Hehehe. Maybe I will try to send a card or a letter to my pupils. 

I will miss the school. I don't know why whenever I went to school, I will look at the classes, the staff room, the garden, trying to capture all of them and stored them in my memory. You know the feeling when you have, when you go back to your alma mater? You know that you can just come back to the place, just to visit once in a while but it won't be the same, I promise you, cause I have been in that situation a few times. Everyone does. You graduate from schools. From a primary school to a university. Then working and moving from a place to another place. You will miss them. Surely you will miss those.

8 years in SJKC taught me a lot of things but let it be another story to tell, okay? 

Friday, December 16, 2016


Picture Credit : Alhamdulillah

Alhamdulillah. This year was a good year.
Will write some more later. Need to clean up a few things.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Pusat Jagaan Permata Ceria Di Buka Untuk Pengambilan

Pusat Jagaan Permata Ceria Di Buka Untuk Pengambilan 

Tuan – tuan dan puan – puan yang budiman,

Dengan rasa berbesar hati, kami ingin menjemput tuan / puan yang berminat dan masih lagi mencari tempat pusat jagaan ke tempat kami yang terletak di USJ 1, Taman Subang Mewah.

Kami dari Pusat Jagaan Permata Ceria menyediakan pelbagai perkhidmatan seperti perkhidmatan nursery, penjagaan harian dan transit bagi anak – anak dalam kategori berikut :

i) Bayi - 2 bulan hingga 18 bulan
ii) Toddler - 19 bln hingga 3 tahun
iii) Play Group - 3 tahun hingga 5 tahun
iv) Transit - anak2 tadika 5 tahun hingga 12 tahun

Tuan – tuan dan puan – puan yang budiman,

Pusat Jagaan Permata Ceria beroperasi dari Isnin hingga Jumaat dari 7 pagi hingga 6.30 petang. Selain itu, pihak kami juga ada juga menyediakan penjagaan hujung minggu.

Sambil-sambil itu, silalah singgah di page kami. Boleh tinggalkan pesanan sekiranya ada pertanyaan. Kami sedia membantu anda.

Boleh hubungi / SMS/ Whatsapp / Wechat di 016-9690121 (Puan Wani) 
Alamat : No 2, Jln USJ 1/2F, Taman Subang Mewah, 47620 Subang Jaya 

Facebook :
Instagram : pusat_jagaan_permata_ceria

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