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Initially the blog is mostly about wedding, relationship, current issues and happening events in Malaysia. As time goes by, new additional topics were added in. As a Malaysian educator, a teacher, a wife, a woman and now a mom, I write about education, parenting, baby essentials and contests. My intention is to educate myself through writing and at the same time hoping to be able to share the knowledge and information to the world.

Along the way, my husband joined in as one of the contributor for Rabia Sensei's blog. His nick name is 'antumai'. He writes mostly about current issues, politics, history, automobile, technology and gadget. He has a keen interest in latest technology and latest gadget since it all related to his work in IT industry. He has been working for almost 10++ years in IT industry.

I was a web content developer for almost 2 years in hotel reservation services. In 2008, I took one-year education course at Institut Perguruan Temenggong Ibrahim, an educational institute for teachers. In 2009, I started teaching in Chinese Primary School in Selangor. I teach English and Art. This year, 2014, will be my sixth-year of teaching. I write anything that related to English since I am an English teacher. I was graduated from IIUM in Bachelor Management Information System. Eventhough I am a teacher but I try my best to update with the current technologies, softwares and latest gadgets.

As a wife and a new mom to a 3 months old baby (Adam was born on 30 Jan 2014), I like to share my experiences and tips about family, pregnancy, parenting and baby essentials. Once a while, I will write anything about wedding such as wedding tips, door gift, and wedding’s venues as I remembered last time how difficult and tedious it was to prepare a proper and well organize wedding. I hope by doing this, I can give some ease and a big help to B2B (bride to be).

Last but not least, as a true Malaysian, I like to share with everyone the beautiful and peacefulness of our country as well as the Malaysian people and all kind of delicious food.

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