Saturday, January 14, 2023

My Thought of The Day?

My IG Entries

As I wrote in my last entry, I promised to write once a week. Alhamdulillah, so far, so good. Plus, currently I actively updating my Instagram. I intended to update my IG daily. Haha, tapi ada juga terskip sehari. Then I have to update twice the next day. Poyo kan? Takda kerja, cari kerja. Biasalah, semangat tahun barulah katakan.

Actually, I was inspired by this guy from my IG. He took a selfie everyday with anything or anyone or whatever that interest him on that day - without fail. He did it all for couple of years I think. 

But this year or last year, on top of his selfies everyday, he also added a new creative entry. He named it as one second everyday atau satu saat setiap hari. He took a video everyday, compile them and shared it on IG at the end of every month. Nice, right? 

I am thinking to do it next year, in shaa Allah. See how everything goes this year, first. Kalau sibuk sangat atau takda mood, semuanya ke laut dalam nanti. Hahaha. Kalau nak ikutkan plan atau resolution 2023, banyak benda nak buat. Tapi tak nak kongsilah dulu. Takut tak jadi atau tak terbuat. Wish me luck, okay?

Till we meet again, my lovely readers. Whoever and wherever you are. 

Love, Rabia.

Dilema Seorang Guru Kelas

Picture Credit : Awak Down Ker Tu?

The past few days were a bit busy and hectic. Updating the class PAJSK and marking books as the exam is just around the corner. In fact it will be starting next week on Monday. 

Plus, coughing badly in the middle of the night, really made it worse. I looked like a zombie the next morning, with my eyebags and moody mood. 

Some of my friends noticed the changes and thought that I was pregnant. Hahaha, sorry guys. No, at the moment. Masih seriau lagi dengan pengalaman sebelum ini. I felt a little bit embarrassed at that time and I quickly tried being like an old me. Huhuhuhu.

But Alhamdulillah today, despite of everything, I finally manage to update my class PAJSK and get a good rest/sleep. And the coughing slowly reducing. Hopefully will be gone by tomorrow. Tak tahu la kenapa tak hilang-hilang lagi batuknya ni.

However, I did notice that a few marks were not there. Are they missing? Did I forgot to key in last time? I do not know. I 've got no idea. To be honest, there are a lot of things that I do not know.

Finally, baru tahu. Buku Nilam tak dihantar, jadi tiadalah rekod. Allahu, kesian budak-budak ini. Peringatan dan pengajaran untuk diri sendiri. Jangan terlepas pandang lagi. 

p/s : Inilah dilema seorang guru kelas

Till we meet again, my lovely readers. Whoever and wherever you are. 

Love, Rabia.