Saturday, August 29, 2009

How To Recover From a Breakup

Dealing with a breakup and learning how to recover is hard. Majority of break ups leave one feeling lonely and depressed, even if they are the ones who initiated the break up. The emotional damage of the breakup itself makes it hard to even think straight. Your head is filled with so many conflicting thoughts and emotions that you don't know which way to turn. Here is some advice that will help you to get organized and learn how to recover from a breakup:

The 24 Hour Mope
For the next 24 hours you are entitled to a whole day of crying, lounging in your pajamas, and eating a gallon of ice cream. Be sad and lazy the whole day if you need it. Do not feel guilty for taking this whole day either. Your heart was just broken by someone you liked, loved, or trusted.

If you do not take this day right after the break up, then you may find yourself having an emotional break down later in the week. However, you only get 24 hours. The second the sun comes up signifying the second day, you have to start moving on. If that is hard to do the second day, you have to continually tell yourself, "I had my cry day now it is time to move on with my life."

Reconnect With Loved Ones
Hopefully your friends and family will be there to support you after a break up. Do not be afraid to tell them what happened. They might be able to provide a caring ear, encouragement, and advice. Spending more time with family and friends will help you to remember that you are still loved, even if you do not have a significant other in your life anymore.

Partake in Your Passions
So many times we forget or ditch the things we love when we are in a new relationship. Now that you have more free time in your life, spend it doing the things you love or searching for a new hobby. This will help you keep your mind off your ex and heal slowly.

Extract Emotions
It is natural to have second thoughts after a break up. Usually with these second thoughts comes the urge to call or write the person. Do not contact them under any circumstances. This is part of your healing time. If you cannot resist the urge to speak to them, write it out in a letter instead. Write whatever you want, and then burn it. Do not send it! You can also get out your emotions through journaling, writing songs or poetry, or even taking physical action, like kickboxing.

Erase Memories
You will never heal your broken heart if you continue to look at their picture or reread their love letters to you. However, burning all of the stuff that reminds them of you is very drastic. Instead, stick it all in a box and shove it in a closet or give it to someone you trust. You do not want to get rid of this stuff just yet. You may want to look back on it later in life.

Get motivated
Some people have bitter feelings toward their exes. Some behave in violent and crazy ways, while others let their performance level take a downward fall, be it in school or at work. However, you shouldn't let the actions of other person dictate the way the rest of your life will turn out.The sweetest revenge one could have is to be successful.

Being dumped is actually the best motivation to help push you to succeed in life. There is no better feeling than bumping into your ex four years down the road after you've dropped 20 pounds, put on a rock-hard six-pack or a beautiful figure -- not to mention a beautiful wife or handsome husband standing by your side. You won't have to worry about hiding the fact that you work for a local McDonald's. Instead, when your ex asks you what you've done with your life, you can start off with a big smile on your face, look at her wife-abusing husband or disloyal wife and the rest is history.

Recovering from a broken heart is a very hard thing to do. You just have to take the process slow and one day at a time. You also need to realize how valuable you are as a person. Life will eventually move on, and the best thing for you to do is to let life move on.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Menarik Nafas Lega

Picture Credit : Happy Holidays

Fuhh.. (Menarik nafas lega). It has been a while that I didn't update anything. I was quite busy setting up exam paper for Year 4, marking exam papers, being a good Secretary and emcee for RIMUP 2009 Programme and preparing for my SPP Interview. Seriously, I really need to manage my time wisely.

Nevertheless, Alhamdulillah, everything was going very well. The exam papers have been checked/marked, the RIMUP Programme, eventhough it was not up to my satisfaction but still can consider okay. And for my SPP Interview, hopefully I will not return to a second interview. Although that I have answered all the questions and 'goreng kasi kaw-kaw punya ayat', but who knows, maybe luck is not on my side?

Now, it is time for school holiday and fasting month - Ramadhan Al - Mubarak. I just want to relax and enjoy my holiday. For a start – watching UP (done), reading my books (P/S: I Love You and Ayat – Ayat Cinta) and watching TV! All the time!

And yeah SLEEP plus shopping raya with Won-Won..Haha ;p

Happy Holidays and Selamat Menyambut Bulan Puasa Ramadhan Al-Mubarak : )
Bye -bye for now!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

7 Simple Rules for Singles

Picture Credit : Single Woman

(Women Only)

1. Keep yourself busy with work.

It's best if your job requires you to work late or even you have to come to work during weekends. If your current employment is not, then you better find one.

2. Find new activity(s) i.e. outdoor, sports etc.

If your work does not require you to work over the weekend and you do not want to be like No.1, find any activity to keep yourself busy. Choose any outdoor activities like wall-climbing, treasure hunt or even facilitating or if you like sports, then you have many choices!

3. Do not hang-out with married women.

Yup! Avoid hanging out with married women, even they are your friends. Especially, if they keep talking about their family and how grateful we are (being single) when we managed to do anything we like! (After all, a friend shouldn't do that, aite!). If you really have to, make sure you bring along another single friend.

Married women tend to be bragging about their happy marriage (though it may not be the reality). If you think you can cope with all the bragging stories or they are true friends (who would consider other people’s feelings), you can meet them anytime you want! Most women tend to forget their friends once they got married. Sad....

4. Maintain your single-friends circle.

You should always keep few cycles of single-friends, to give you options. If anyone of your friend got married (and eventually the particular cycle extincts), you know that you always have someone else to rely on. If one got married, make sure you have substitute(s).

5. Spend when you feel like spending.

My mom’s methodology – Buy now, regret later! If you want something (and you can afford it) just buy it! It does gives you self satisfaction. Believe me!!

6. Smile, when everyone around you pushing you to get married.

If everybody around you keep asking you to get married (and they just don't get bored asking the same question each time you met), just smile and do not response. Hopefully, they will keep quiet once they got bored.

7. If smile doesn’t work, just pick any line that could make them keep their mouth shut.

If you can’t bear the comments or questions, just pick any line (the harsher the words, the better! or you can use some provocative words) to keep their mouth shut.

Copy from: Syah

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Job Vacancy | Kerja Kosong

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For all unemployed graduate, job hunters or anyone who want to change jobs out there, these are the lists of jobs vacancy. Please check it out!

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Tarikh tutup : 10 Ogos 2009
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Research Assistant
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Universiti Malaysia Terengganu
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Pelbagai jawatan
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Good Luck!