Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good Luck to All SPM and STPM Students 2010

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Good Luck to All SPM and STPM Students 2010! All the best! 
A few tips taken from Unit dan Bimbingan Kaunseling


  • Don’t study too hard during exam week. Exam week can be pretty fun if you’re prepared. If you stick to the calendar, then you should be ready, so don’t cram late at night every night, get a good nights sleep knowing that you spent a month studying hard.
  • Eat breakfast. Midmoring hunger is an awful distraction.
  • Don’t overeat. Filling your body with huge amount of nutritious food will bring down brain work to digesting process.
  • You get what you get. Don’t stress if you didn’t get straight As. You should be just as proud of a B or C if you know you’ve worked hard for it and that’s the grade you wanted. A passing grade means you were prepared for the test and knew the material. Just because you didn’t get straight As doesn’t mean you didn’t work hard or didn’t do well. Everyone is different and what may be a disaster for one student is a triumph for another
  • Try not to leave this until the last night before an exam. Begin studying at least a couple of days before the exam. You will feel more relaxed.
  • Although some people find it a “good” idea, drinking absurd amounts of coffee/tea/any other caffeine source is NOT a good move, especially on the day before the exam. You’ll crash eventually and you’ll feel groggy the day of the exam, guaranteeing you’ll most likely flunk it.You should eat only how much you require by your mood.Eating beyond mood will stress your stomach and a bit your mind
  • Some people like to have the TV on quietly in the background. This can cut both ways in that it can distract you from time to time but also can help you to continue studying. It’s a risky strategy to have the TV on: nobody really knows how much it takes away from your attention and may be distracting you a lot more than you realize.Don’t be overconfident by telling your friends that you will be first.
  • Always have a good hope and best decision you think with you.
  • DON'T be late for exams or that will lead to a failing grade.
  • Remember one thing in your life that; ’study without ambition is a bird without wings’ is also like ‘study without aim is like a human without brain.’ 
The most important thing : Don’t forget your identity card, examination slip, stationaries and calculator !

p/s : Usaha, Doa dan Tawakal

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