Saturday, January 5, 2013

Free Online Dictionary of English Pronunciation

I usually use Macmillan English Dictionary to check the correct pronunciation but recently, my laptop has been formatted. So, I lost my only reference. So what I do was I search for other alternative. 

I manage to find four websites which are http://www.merriam-webster.com, and These websites are very useful. Apart of providing definition, thesaurus, quizzes, games and etc, these websites also provide audio pronunciation where I can listen to the word that I searched for.

So, my lovely readers out there, if you are not sure about the correct pronunciation of certain words, you can just go to these websites. 

Example of audio pronunciation. Just type the word and listen to the audio. It's very easy! 

The best about is that it offers two types of pronunciation. One is in American accent and another one is in a Britain accent. is used mainly for audio pronunciation. You type the word that you are looking for and it will pronounce it for you. Easy isn't it? So, check it out!


online dictionary said...

This is really a wonderful feature provided by the site.I think proper pronunciation of the words of any language is equally important as its grammar.

Anonymous said...

Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it out.
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Rabia Sensei said...

Online dictionary, thanks. Yes, it does. Both areas are equally important.

Rabia Sensei said...

Genius nicer dicer, thanks. Btw, nice blog you got there