Wednesday, December 13, 2017

School Holiday For Me Would Be Like

Picture Credit : No School Does Not Mean No Work

Normally, during the school holidays in December, I always have something to share. But this year, I kind of stuck with no ideas of writing or whatsoever. Or called it writer's block (writer la sangat. Berangan memang indah, mudah dan murah. Hehehe).

  • The first week of school holidays, we had teachers' meeting at school. (Erk)
  • The second week of school holidays, I was sick for the whole week. Down with flue, fever, sore throat and I told my husband, I had a migraine ( or maybe it was only a headache, just to exaggerate. But it was painful. I swear! )
  • Now, the third week of school holidays, I was and still training Adam for his potty training. It's difficult. He peed literally everywhere! Had to change 6 times on the first day of potty training. Had to clean up more than that. Cleaned and mopped almost the whole living room, kitchen floor and the carpet too. But I am okay. Anything and everything for Adam =)
  • Final week of school holidays, I probably preparing last minutes materials for English panel, for school and etc. I work hard, really, really hard and very, very well under pressure. Hahaha!

p/s : I manage to read some poem in one of the books that I have bought at Big Bad Wolf 2017 (Apparently, my new hobby now is reading poem) The book is called Mesin Cahaya Masa and was written by Wani Ardy. Beautifully written in Malay and English. The first poem that I fell in love would be Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. 

Picture Credit: Milk and Honey Book - Poem by Rupi Kaur

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