Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today I am Sad

Picture Credit : Today I am Sad

Today, I am sad,
I see my ex-boyfriend's facebook's picture smiling with his wife, (But, I'm still happy for both of them)
While I'm still here starting to build a new relationship.

Today, I am sad,
I have a fight with my little-naughty students, (Apalah nak jadi ngan korang ni? Kenapa degil sangat?)
While I'm trying so hard to teach them.

Today, I am sad,
I have tons of books to mark, (Try imagine: 7 class x 50 pupils x 4 books : 1400 books)
While others are happily resting at home.

Today, I am sad,
I am planning to go out and destress with my boyfriend,
Unfortunately, he cancel it last minute. (Menyampah, you owe me KFC, Teddy Bear Buchuk!)

Today, I am sad,
I am listening to the radio (since I didn't go out with my boyfriend),
But why the Deejay plays all the sad songs?

Today, I am sad,
I am hungry and I am tired,
But I don't feel like eating any foods or taking a nap, (What's wrong with me?)

Today, I am sad,
I am googleing on 'how to be happy',
But why the articles doesn't give me any help?

Today, I am sad,
Because I don't know what to do to make it go away....


IbuAmirAmirah ;P said...

la tahzannnnnn...

dont be sad..theres lot of happiness for u outside there...

Rabia Sensei said...

Dibahhhh.. Thank you very much. Hopefully can be happy like you..happily married with beloved hubby and twins yang cute mute =D

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