Sunday, June 5, 2011

How to Elaborate Your Writing?

Last week, I was busy with tuition class and exam papers. All the year 6 teachers were given less than one week to mark their pupils' exam papers. Seriously, we all were rushing to meet our dateline. So, after checking my pupils exam papers, I noticed that they don't know how to write their sentences let alone to elaborate their writing. Since I still don't have enough experience in teaching, so I searched about it in the Internet. Then, I found this site in the Internet : Tjmsenrichment

The author, Mrs Cole shared one site which is very useful and it gives me some ideas to teach for my students.

Copied from the the site: Tjmsenrichment
Have your teachers ever told you to elaborate and give more details in your writing? Check out this example and watch a simple sentence expand into a fully developed paragraph as you click on the words and phrases.
So, go and check out this website : Telescopictext

 Picture Credit : I made tea
The first page it will show a sentence which is ---> "I made tea." So, when you click each one of the word, it will expand and add new words.

Picture Credit : I made a cup of tea

So, from the simple sentence ---> "I made tea." I click the word 'tea' and the sentence change into ---> "I made a cup of tea."

Cool, isn't it?

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hardy boy said...

good info, nnti bole la lps nie pakat2 blajar BI(^_^)

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