Monday, August 2, 2010

SMK Tunku Bendahara, Kedah

 Picture : Let's learn English the fun way through Karaoke

If you still remember my previous post, I have written about Lawatan Ilmiah Ke Kedah Dan Perlis. For the three days trip, I went to SMK Tunku Bendahara, Kodiang, Kedah; a rural secondary school. The school has won "Pusat Sumber Cemerlang Peringkat Kebangsaan (SM Luar Bandar)"

So here some pictures that I have taken there. I hope by sharing these pictures, you will have some ideas on what to do in your school.

Picture : Vocabulary Corner

Picture : Learn A Word A Day

Picture : Scribble Corner

Picture : Information Stairs

Picture : Batik Mural (The mural was done by the students)

1 comment:

fini said...

the school is doing a great job to encourage the usage of English Language:) I like that.. Karaoke? Great approach :D

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