Friday, July 30, 2010

KPLI : Giant Yellow Bee

Hello my fellow KPLIAN! Remember this picture? Or specifically, this mascot? Who is this guy behind that big yellow cap and his 'dashing' glasses?

Can you remember? You can't? Owh, pity you! Let me put more pictures.

Owh, what a big yellow belly you have Mr Bee!

What is that? Is that your hunchback, Mr Bee?
p/s : Oh Miss Rabia Sensei, please, please, please. Can you tell me who is this giant yellow bee? Sorry, I am not telling you!



Yuselasapalagi said...

kah..kahh..kahhhh....baca tajuk pon i dah boleh teka..u r referring to this poor lad..haha

Julie said...

Lovely fun post. I enjoy the sense of teasing that I feel through the text.

Manang Kim said...

That is lovely shot and funny! Happy Monday!

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