Monday, July 26, 2010

My Birthday Celebration Plan for Ken Wooi

 Picture credit: It's Ken Wooi's birthday!

Wallawey! Do you know that, this coming 31st July, one of our famous blogger will celebrate his birthday? Well, this ‘lengchai’ is known as Kenwooi from Here is his picture in Manchester United. By the way, he is a big fan of Manchester United.

 Picture credit: See, name lor. famous one! (Ken Wooi)

So guys, I have been planning a birthday celebration for him; a year of planning, okay. (hehehe). The planning is like this. I am planning to invite all the beautiful ‘lengloy’ and the entire sexy looking artist to come to Ken Wooi birthday party. Well, you knowlah; Ken Wooi is a BIG fan of all the sexy and beautiful girls. He will definitely feel very, very HAPPY like CRAZY dude! (He is sure a crazy one dude! Hehe)

So, the other day, I have wrote an invitation card to all beautiful girls (models, artist, etc); inviting them to Ken Wooi’s birthday party. By the way, this is the
invitation card that I sent to them. (Don’t ask me where I get all theirs address. It’s not cheap, okay). And plus, I have successfully getting all the girls features in Ken Wooi website. He will sure excited! Yay! screaming and jumping excitedly. Admiring my own 'hard' work)

The birthday theme will be bikini, swimsuit and the rest you can figure it out since it will be a birthday -pool party! But, so far there are only a few girls reserved for the party. (Okay what? Better than nothing, isn't it?Maybe more will come later) Here some of them.

Picture credit: I likeee Ken Wooi~

She was so excited to come to Ken Wooi's birthday party. She called me many time just to ask what Ken Wooi likes for his present. (I wonder why she was so excited)

Picture credit: Boy, I want to have a few words with you.

She said she wanted to come. (Sorry Ken Wooi. I didn't invite her). She said she wanted to have some words with you. So, since she is very nice with me. Advise me a lot, a lottttt of things (It is a very long conversation though). So I think, why not? The more, the merrier~

And during the party (Pool Party!), I will put a very BIG screen like in the mamak restaurant; put some nice songs (R & B, Dance, and maybe Dangdut perhaps?). For the birthday songs, I have requested a few songs from various artist. Can't decide anything yet. Will think about this later. Or maybe you can help me with choose a nice one for Ken Wooi? Okay, here are some of singers from around the world. 

This one is from Shakira. But she mistakenly say the wrong name. It's suppose to be Happy Birthday to Ken Wooi. Not Pinky. Aiseymen!

This one is from Nsync; acapella version. Thanks guys!

This one is from Mariah Carey. Wow!

This one is from the famous Chipmunk Alvin, Theodore and Simon! 

Other than that, I have receive a very cute songs from Korea and China. And one from a cute cat! (Singing cat? Hmm)

From Korea!

Cute Chinese Birthday song just for Ken Wooi. cweeet~

A singing cat?

And now, thinking about Ken Wooi's present. Aiyo, so difficult lah.

Picture credit: I want Lamborgini (Ken Wooi)
How about a new Lamborgini? (Wey, I even don't have a car. Want to give you some more!)
Picture credit: I want a new doll. More pretty than the old one (Ken Wooi)
How about a new doll? (Wey, are you 10 years old..girl?)
http://www.emocutez.comHuhu. Let me think about his present later (I'm thinking not to buy him anything. What say you?)

Alamak~ Itinerary, Food and drink some more need to think. Aiyo, I need to sleep lah like this. Think everything later lah. I can think better after I have my beauty sleep~


p/s: Ken Wooi, if I didn't get the new Apple 2GB iPod Shuffle worth RM229 with its special engraved; I still wanna wish you Happy becoming birthday yang ke ? (Age is only a number). Keep up with your funny, silly blogging bro!


Hariz said...

Happy Bufdayyy

New Entry Prof-Hariz
Buku Baru Tahun Baru

Rabia Sensei said...

Hariz, it's not my birthday. It's Ken Wooi birthday! hehehe

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