Friday, February 15, 2013

Blogwalking While Cleaning

Picture Credit : Content is King, Blogwalking is Queen

Picture Credit : Spring Cleaning

I am still having my spring cleaning. I am trying to clean up a few entries in my blog. The clean up started from the first entry. So I think you can imagine how much work that need to be done. But, it's all right by me since my husband is helping me to update the blog. You can read his latest entry which is a movie review about Movie The Last Stand or you can also read about Movie Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters.

As I was cleaning up the blog, I was blogwalking too. Hopping from one blog to another blog. That's why I cannot get my work done. Too much of blogwalking. Actually is a good thing if you blogwalking. You can get new and fresh ideas from other bloggers.

You can share but don't plagiat their works. You can rephrase or quote their original entry. But, most importantly, link the info back to the original author. That's another reason why I need to clean up my blog. I think my older entries, I did not do it correctly. So, if you find any articles or images that belongs to you, please just drop a message and I will link back to you or remove the content.

So, happy blogging!

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