Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Let's Agree To Disagree

Picture Credit : Let's Agree To Disagree

There are certain times, a several times in fact, where I have a lot of disagreements with my friends and family. It was quite easy to handle when the disagreements were among family. Maybe because they are MY family. They know me well enough to have said certain things. And yes, blood is thicker than water. So, when we fight, we quarrel, we make it up soon after.

But when it comes on having a disagreement with friends, it is really hard and difficult to overcome the feeling of being hurt and torn between losing your friend by saying all the things that you wanted to say and be relief. Or just accepted whatever that your friends said and be hurt all the time. I think I am more of the latter part.

It's really hurt when some people just simply throw away all your opinions and ideas just because you are different? poor? stupid or not intelligent enough? not successful enough? still young? not matured? being judged just because of your past? being judged of who you were and not really taken as who you are now? 

Yes, I know. I sometime do the same things too. But when it happened to myself, I don't like it. I think nobody likes to be treated that way, right? People are taking you lightly just because all those reasons above or maybe because of other reasons that you really don't know. I maybe look soft or weak or whatever people want to call it. Hmm, I just suddenly remember one of my ex-colleague said that I always looked scared? I asked him, scared of what? Maybe I scared of you because your face looks like a ghost? He was actually surprised when I told him that. 

Aiseymen, nak buat muka macam mana lagi ntah. And he was surprised when I did certain things such as watching online video during office hours which is not usually happened or said certain things which I would not say to certain people if I think they could not handle it. But the main point is, he was judging me by the way I look. Some people call it as first impression? But I really hate it when people do that.

What I'm trying to say is, please don't judge people by their appearances or other 101 reasons. Just look at this way, if you don't want other people to do that to you, then don't do that to other people the same way. And guys, it's all right to agree to disagree. Let's respect each others' opinions and learned what we can learn from it. Quoted from wikihow, "sometimes disagreement can lead to conflict, but it can also lead to discussion and learning."

  • Remember that disagreement does not equal conflict. 
  • Always stay focused on the problem, not the person.  
  • Express disagreement respectfully.
  • Avoid telling people that your opinion is "for their own good."
  • Exercise an open mind.
  • Use nonviolent communication.
  • Embrace the difference
  • Know when to agree to disagree
Read more at How to Accept and Embrace Disagreement 
p/s : Ini semua sebab status dan komen - komen dari segala sosial media yang kadang - kadang menyakitkan hati. So, let's agree to disagree. Speak nicely. Respect each other.


zarulfarhana said...

saya sekarang ni tengah terasa hati dgn kawan saya... tah la...susah nk puaskan hati semua org

Rabia Sensei said...

zarulfarhana, huhu, sabarlah awak. adat berkawan, mesti ada yang terkecil hati kan.

zarulfarhana said...

tu la... sabaq ja.. dh akhir sem.. tggal sebulan ja lagi

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