Tuesday, October 26, 2021

What's Up Guys?

Hi, what's up guys? 

Me? Nothing much lately. Just working from home as usual until the school reopen on 8th November. Let's do some throwback first, just to get some mood for writing again. 😅

This is us at Palm Garden Hotel - IOI Resort City. It was last year unplanned holidays. I don't really considered it as holiday though. Just a short getaway from home.

Then, end of last year maybe, we went to Penang. This is the view from Arte Serviced Apartment Penang. 

So, for this year, we haven't got any plans yet. Maybe will have a short trip to PD or Melaka. I think everyone will plan the same thing too - a trip during the school holidays. So, all places will be crowded, full with people 😵

Anyway, be safe everyone 💓

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