Monday, March 1, 2010

Destress Tips

Picture Credit : Stress Meter

Phewww~~ Finally, I already update a few widget to my blog. The widgets that I already added are 
  • Bumper Sticker of The Day
  • Enjoy Radio Online
  • Classic Peanut Posters
  • Dilbert
So everyone! Destress yourself with my latest widgets. Check it out!
  • Bumper Sticker of The Day
    I like reading a bumper sticker at the back of the car. Sometimes, we can find funny quotes at someone's car. For 'Bumper Sticker of The Day' Widget, it is so cool. It changes everytime you refresh the page.The quotes are so funny!
  • Enjoy Radio Online
    Enjoy listening to the radio online. It includes a few stations from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei. Enjoys~
  • Classic Peanut Posters
    Remember 'Peanut'? It is a comic strip from the Charles M. Schulz. You can read the comic strip online. You can see the poster change everytime you refresh the page.
  • Dilbert
    Last but not least, destress yourself by reading comic strip of Dibert. Laughter is the best medicine!


Solehah said... yg bagus..

kenwooi said...

nice.. but i think it'll decrease the page loading speed abit.. =)

myfuzzyworld said...

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Rabia Sensei said...

Cik Solehah, thanks =)

Kenwooi, yeah, agreed. So, what to do? Any suggestion?

Emila Yusof, answered the survey already.

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