Monday, April 12, 2010

Date Night

Last Friday, I watched Date Night with Won-Won at JJ Cheras Selatan. The Date Night Movie is the funniest movie so far! Crazy funny! Everyone was laughing out loud in the cinema. And I think I am the loudest one. Haha!

Check out the Date Night Trailer in Youtube

Date Night is a romantic comedy movie. It's about a longtime couple whose marriage has lapsed into familiar roles and routines. In an attempt to bring the spark back into their love life, Phil takes Claire out for a fancy dinner in Manhattan; when the restaurant is booked, the pair impersonate the no-show Tripplehorne party to get a table. Unfortunately, the Tripplehornes are involved in a blackmail scheme with New York's most notorious gangster and before long Phil and Claire's dull life has given way to car chases, shootouts, strip routines and a hunky security specialist (Mark Whalberg) who refuses to put a shirt on. (Resources)

I really like all the dialogue in the movie! I'm still laughing after we went back home. It's funny for sure! 

Phil: I'd do it again, you know.
Claire: What? Tonight? Coz that would be very dangerous.
Phil: Not tonight. Us. You. Me. The kids. All of it. I'd do it again. 
I'd choose you. Every time. sweetttttt....


kenwooi said...

okay.. i think i should watch this next =)

Rabia Sensei said...

You should Kenwooi! Go with your girlfriend lor~

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